Soul Retrieval

Many people describe soul loss as feeling empty inside, a sense that they are outside of themselves or feeling part of them is missing.

Feelings such as ‘when my father died part of me went with him’ or ‘I was beside myself with grief’ are literal expressions of soul loss. Stress; illness, addiction and not living as fully as we want to can also be symptoms of soul loss.

Soul retrieval returns vital parts of ourselves that have gone to a place of safety in the spirit world during times of emotional, physical or spiritual difficulty.

Some soul parts return spontaneously when the event is over or as we change and heal, other parts need support to return home.

Soul retrieval can bring back parts that have left so they may be reintegrated. It can offer the opportunity to feel more complete, more present in the world and more able to move forward in life.

The shamanic practitioner journeys to the spirit world with their own spirits to search for the soul parts that are ready to return and if they are willing bring them back so they may be reintegrated.

A soul retrieval can affect people in different ways, many feel different as soon as the parts are returned and common experiences are a sense of feeling more present, being able to make changes in life or having memories and feelings that are associated with the time that the soul part left. It is important that if people feel a soul retrieval is right for them at this point in their lives that they are ready to engage with whatever the process may be and have others who can support them during this time.


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