Core Shamanic Practitioner

Let the magic of the shamanic journey take you out of your everyday reality & meet with power animals, spirit guides and explore other worlds. By learning to make the Shamanic journey for yourself you can experience the world of spirit and move from feeling dis-empowered, to a place of personal empowerment.

Shamanic therapies differ from most therapies because you learn to interact directly to spirits to seek help & guidance. The spirits are our true teachers.

Shamanic therapies enable us to find the source of –and solution to –the challenges and difficulties which we all face from time to time. This brings us personal empowerment, wisdom and healing. The shamanic journey also enhances our relationship with our spirits and can help us along our path in this life.

The shamanic practitioner works by first teaching you to undertake the shamanic journey so that they can meet their own spirit teachers and helpers. By journeying, you can seek help, healing or advice directly from the spirits. This can include personal healing, help with life changes, decision making and problem solving, work on bereavement, relationships, depression, emotional issues, spiritual development and much more.

My job is first to help the you to focus on and formulate the question for the journey. Where possible you narrate the journey out loud,  so that it can be discussed afterwards. I do not interpret the journey fot you, but use my knowledge and experience of the shamanic process to ask careful questions which allow you to understand what has been experienced in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Shamanic journeying can be taught either on the regular workshops I organise, or on a one to one basis.


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  1. reikiheidi says:

    Do you run workshops for certifying people who want to become Shamanic practitioners (legally, in the eyes of the law)? It is something i am interested in, and Journey myself and explore, but am not ‘certified’ which you I know you have to be nowadays to practice!
    Can you give me any information on this?

    • Hello Heidi, I do run workshops & one to one training for people wanting to learn how to journey using shamanic techniques & methods. But here in the United Kingdom (England) there is no legal infrastructure in place to make someone legally a Shamanic practitioner!

      I have worked with a number of teachers including Jonathan Horwitz, John Lockley, Betsy Bergstrom & Nick Breeze Wood amongst others; & none of those I’ve named even issue certificates let alone have legal standings.

      Hope this helps


      • reikiheidi says:

        Really?? Now that does surprise me! So how does one ‘become’ a Shamanic practitioner then? Do you simply name yourself one?
        I know honest people would not do this until they had completed full training and felt they were ready to help others, but… surely this situation opens the doors to all kinds of fraudsters?
        Thanks for the info though. Food for thought.

      • In the UK most Complimentary/alternative therapies have a multitude of governing bodies all of which are basically money making enterprises. Take Hypnotherapy: I belong to the General Hypnotherapy Register(GHR) there is also the Hypnotherapy Society, The National Council of Hypnotherapy, The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis. Even better there is no requirement in Britain to have any training/qualification to work as & call yourself a Hypnotherapist Although to belong to any of the above you do need approved qualifications!

        The same even goes for Herbalism; the majority of Herbalists do have a degree in herbal medicine but at this time there is no legal requirement (although this may change in the near future with new plans coming in from Europe?).

        Over the years I’ve taking part in many discussions with my shamanic tutors on the subject of certificates & qualifications, the general response is that shamanic work is a spiritual practise where you learn to talk & work with spirit helpers, guides & teachers. These spirit helpers are found in non ordinary realities: many would say that these different realities are all in the practitioners mind? So how can you licence something, that to most people, doesn’t exist?

        Having said that there are tutors, in the UK, that will issue certificates & qualifications, & run shamanic practitioner courses: but the final word is from Jonathan Horwitz who is always reminding his students (including me) that he is not the real teacher: the real teachers are the spirits you work with & learn from.

        As for honesty & controlling fraudsters: there are plenty of crooked judges, lawyers, doctors, police, teachers etc. Having a qualification is no proof of honesty.

        Hope this all helps?


      • reikiheidi says:

        Hm, yes you are right 🙂 Thank you!
        I guess I just had the thought in mind of ‘doing it all properly’.
        I have my Guides and Animal Totems, I’m familiar with journeying etc, but not in how to help others. I guess I’m looking for a course that teaches me the whole of Shamanism, so that I can professionally help others – confidently! e.g how to soul retrieve for others, deal with trauma and such like, as well as the more ‘mundane’ journeyings for others.
        Is this something you teach?
        Thanks for taking the time with your reply 🙂

      • You can still do it! The fact that there is no government interference or even a governing body does not stop you being able to do this sort of work. It does not stop you getting liability insurance I’m insured for shamanic practise & teaching. The best way to start is try an introductory course & see how it fits with you, if you want I can suggest a few names let me know where in the country you live & I’ll see if I know of anybody close?

        Cheers Paul

      • reikiheidi says:

        Excellent Paul, thank you. I don’t think there’s anyone near me, I have looked around before… I’m in Norwich.

      • Hi Heidi

        Most people start with either a Shamanic counselling/mentoring course: which teaches you, to teach others to journey & how to help them interpret/ understand their journeys without doing the work for them. Or they go down the Shamanic Healing, extraction, soul retrieval route.

        I’ve had a look as well & there seems to be little in the way of courses in E. Anglia. Having said that most of the trainings I’ve attended have been 4 or 5 day residential workshops, which generally means travelling & staying away from home (my Soul Retrieval training took place in Hungary).

        Hope this helps, any questions feel free to ask.


      • reikiheidi says:

        No problem Paul, I appreciate your time and effort 🙂
        I’ll keep thinking, exploring, learning and looking!

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