Reiki – A very personal journey!

Reiki symbol

“The secret of inviting happiness through many blessings.  The Spiritual Medicine for all illnesses”

Mikao Usui 1865-1926

I originally wrote this piece for my good friend & Reiki teacher Jill Sudbury in 2009, as a testimonial for her to include on her Marlborough School of Reiki website.  This is a slightly updated version: It shows briefly how I came to be where I am now & why I do that which I do!

March 2005 – I’ve been out of work for three years now: trying to cope with chronic depression, struggling with the everyday aspects of what most people call life.

But to me this isn’t life; it’s a sort of existence:  that sums it all up really!  I sort of exist, I don’t live!

When I wake, I can’t wait to go back to bed, sleep isn’t scary but being awake is!  Through all this I somehow appear (to those who don’t really know me), sometimes, to be quite normal?  So I try & go through the motions of doing normal things.

I find myself once again on a trip to the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, with my wife Lisa. It’s one of those normal things that I go through the motion of doing!   Lis has put up with a lot from me in the past few years as well as being unwell herself.   Although only 35, her hands are the hands of a much older person, the Doctors surmise that she has arthritis & give her a multitude of medications which never quite seem to achieve anything.

One evening in The Five Pilchards at Porthallow, near to our cottage, a friend’s wife on hearing of Lisa’s plight says “have you tried Reiki” our joint bemused & confused reply is “have we tried what!”

Two days later we drive a couple of miles to the wonderfully named Hen House where our friends are B&B’ing & which is run by a couple ‘who do reiki’. We meet with Gary who shows me, having volunteered to go first (being totally in the mind-set of let’s get this over with), to his treatment room – an hour later feeling pleasantly relaxed I swap with Lisa.

Next day, as usual, I awake at daylight; hours later I hear Lis moving about upstairs – there’s a lot of noise, commotion, unusual for her in morning! She appears downstairs animated, waving her hands about; then I realise what it is she’s babbling about on about, her fingers are working, she has for the first time in years full mobility in her hands!

Months later after a suggestion by another of Lisa’s friends, I find myself (with great reluctance) going to see a hypnotherapist, sceptical No!!!   But, in spite of myself & my doubts, he reaches something inside of me, and for the first time in many years I have something to look forward to; sitting in the Hypnotherapists chair!

Somehow I find myself reading a copy of the Marlborough college summer school brochure, & there it is; that reiki thing again, supposedly you can learn how it’s done?  Well I suppose I might learn something that might be of some help to Lis, possibly, nothing to lose I guess?

So, with a dozen or so strangers I find myself on a Reiki One course.  My first thoughts: I’m surrounded by lunatics!  Or have I finally flipped, but I realise that yes they are actually talking about spirits, spirit guides & angels, remote healing & universal energy:  welcome to the world of the wacky!

Eight years later: & I’m still in the “world of the wacky” except I no longer view Reiki or journeying or trance work as wacky, nor weird or unusual in any way whatsoever!

It is now part of my life: I’m now & practising Reiki Master & Teacher, Shamanic counsellor & tutor, & a Hypnotherapist.

I use the skills that I’ve learnt to help others, as well as using it to help myself!  I no longer allow depression into my life; I no longer take the medications that numb a person in a zombie like existence!  But best of all, I now have skills & techniques that I can teach to others so that they can help themselves!

Reiki is usually viewed as a healing art or method & yes it is that: but it is also more than that! It is (& was designed its founder to be) a system for self- improvement, self- healing & self-discovery: it is as Mikao Usui said “The secret of inviting happiness through many blessings, The Spiritual Medicine for all illnesses” & for that I am supremely grateful!

With blessings love & thanks to: Lisa (my wife), Jill Sudbury (my reiki Mistress), Jonathon Horwitz, Chris Jarmey, Andy Tomlinson, Sam, Kim & so many others who have guided me, taught me & led me out of darkness into light!

And that is why, I do what do!

Paul Baskerville – Inner Healing Journeys


February 2013








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Contemporary Practitioner of Core Shamanic techniques, trance, altered states of reality, Therapeutic Hypnosis & Reiki Energy Healing. Dedicated to helping you to learn to journey to your inner & outer non-normal realities; to meet with & work with your guides & teachers! Assisting in your personal journey to find your own answers, to balance & heal your life!
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