What is a Shamanic Journey?

Shaman Drum Trans small
The Shamanic Journey is a simple & easy to learn way of finding; answers, information, healing, wisdom and knowledge, as well as guidance & help in your every day and personal life.

During the Journey you can meet with beings that may be regarded as archetypes or ancestors or elders, gods, goddesses, spirit guides, power animals or angels. These beings are seen as having great wisdom, knowledge, power and appear are there to help & guide you.

Each journey begins with a mission statement, if you are looking for guidance on a specific issue, your mission statement would be a phrase or a sentence about whatever the guidance is that you are looking for. This phrase or sentence helps to transcend into the spirit world.

During journeys you can be said to be walking with one foot in this world and with the other in the spirit world. Different cultures may express their views on the two realities in differently, but the basic idea is the same. In contemporary core shamanic practise the world is usually seen as been made up of three parts, the lower world, the upper world and the middle world, each of these worlds can be entered to attain different conclusions. These worlds are not above or below any of the others, they are just there; somewhere, nowhere, who knows where?

During workshops or one to one sessions, the journey is started by achieving a trance state (non-ordinary state of consciousness), by listening to a repetitive high speed drum beat, either by having someone drum for you or listening to a pre-recorded drumming track, declaring your mission statement & then entering the gateway chosen for the journey!
Shamanic journeys allow you to become the explorer of the gateways from this reality into other realities, through portals leading from the physical to the spirit worlds.
I run regular introductory workshops (the first of the 2013 dates will be confirmed very shortly) or can run sessions for individuals or small groups by arrangement!

Paul Baskerville – Inner Healing Journeys


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About innerhealingjourneys

Contemporary Practitioner of Core Shamanic techniques, trance, altered states of reality, Therapeutic Hypnosis & Reiki Energy Healing. Dedicated to helping you to learn to journey to your inner & outer non-normal realities; to meet with & work with your guides & teachers! Assisting in your personal journey to find your own answers, to balance & heal your life!
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