Gateways of the Mind

The first Gateways Of the Mind conference took place on the 3rd and 4th November 2012 at the Royal Geographical Society, London.
A crowd of over 150 consciousness explorers joined together for a weekend of lucid dream and out-of-body experience exploration.

Hosted by lucid dream teacher and practitioner, Charlie Morley, the weekend presented 8 of the world’s leading authorities and teachers:

Robert Waggoner – Lucid Dreaming, The Gateway To The Inner Self
Charlie Morley – Lucid Dreaming, From the Basics To The Borderline
Dr Michael Katz – Tibetan Dream Yoga
Mary Ziemer – Lucid Surrender
The Monroe Institute – Consciousness Exploration Technology
Graham Nicholls – Navigating The Out-Of-Body Experience
Sergio Magana – The Naghual, The Art Of Dreaming On The Toltec / Mexica Wisdom Path
Rory MacSweeney – The Numinous Place

My Article & conference report has now been published in the Winter 2012/15 edition of Indie Shaman Magazine

Indie Shaman Winter 2012813



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